KRS Rabbitry

 Welcome to KRS Rabbitry. We are located in the beautiful state of Washington near Gig Harbor. We have been in business since March of 2009. We are currently focusing on Lionheads and Holland Lops. We are also rebuilding our bunny stock and selling a lot of our rabbits to make room for us to focus on just a few things at once in our rabbitry. For more information e-mail us at or call at 1.253.884.6690 or 1.801.503.1563. 



Our lionheads seem to have been our main focus for quite a while now. We are focusing on Tort, BEW, Red, and we are looking to start a Sable Point program in our rabbitry. Our lionheads are all pedigreed.


Holland Lops

We just recently started our Holland Lop program and hope to do very well with it. With the Holland lops we have Tort, Magpie, Smoked Pearl, and Pointed White. All of our Holland Lops are pedigreed.




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