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We reserve the right to change Policy or Prices at any time.  Feel free to email us or call 1.253.884.6690 with any questions or comments regarding the below.
  • SALES POLICY:  We are willing to offer discounts for multiple purchases.  Generally we discount $5 per each pair purchased. But we are very set in our prices. We feel these are reasonable prices for our rabbits.  Prices are based on our opinion and are subject to change at our discretion.  Rare colors may be at a higher price. Most of our rabbits are pedigreed so you will receive a pedigree with your bunny unless otherwise noted.  We also reserve the right to refuse the sale at our discretion.
  • REFUND POLICY/ ALL SALES FINAL: We will do our best to insure all bunnies are healthy and represented honestly.  Because we do not know the environment bunnies are in after they leave our rabbitry we cannot refund purchase price after you pickup your rabbit.  We encourage you to spend the time to look over your new bunny to make sure it is what you want and is healthy and viable.  If you are not satisfied with the way a bunny looks or acts or decide not to accept him/her and terminate the sale, that is perfectly okay. We do not sell bunnies until they are fully weaned, eating rabbit pellets / hay  and we are confident they can survive on their own and are at least 7 weeks old.  Some bunnies do not adjust well to their new homes and refuse to eat or drink and loose weight.  This is rare but it does happen.  It is your responsibility to watch your bunny closely during the first 48 hours.  If you feel your bunny is not adjusting, feel free to email us or call 1.253.884.6690 with any questions or concerns.  We will be happy to help you.  If you decide you do not want your bunny we can take him/her back but we cannot refund the purchase price.  Please do not release your bunny into the wild as they cannot survive on their own.
  • SHIPPING/TRANSPORT: We do not ship bunnies.  You can pick up your bunny at our rabbitry or we will meet you somewhere, within reason, close.  We are located approximately 20 minutes from Gig Harbor, WA. PLEASE do not expect to transport bunnies in the trunk of a car or on a motorcycle.  They are living breathing animals and subject to heat exhaustion or stroke.  We will not hesitate to terminate the sale if proper transportation for the bunny is not available.
  • TERMS: Money/bunny exchange is defined as full payment.  Cash only at the time of pick up. We will take a check only if it is for a deposit on a rabbit and you are mailing it at least one week before time of pick up.  We do not take credit cards.  Please be prepared to pay for bunny at time of sale.  We usually have boxes available to transport your bunny home if you ask beforehand.  If you prefer to transport in a cage, please bring that with you.
  • WAITING LIST: We do have a waiting list.  Please view our For Sale page often.  We do try to update as much as possible to keep it current.  If you fall in love with a bunny on our For Sale page, email us ASAP to make sure it is still available.  We will do everything we can to arrange for you to get him/her.
  • SOLD PENDING PICK UP / DELIVERY: There will be times when we arrange a delivery/pickup with a buyer.  This bunny will have HOLD in it's description on the For Sale page.  If for some reason the sale falls through, he/she will be available again.  
  • DEPOSITS:  We will accept a 50% deposit on bunnies who are not old enough to leave Mom yet or pending pickup /delivery. Deposits will only be refunded if bunny dies (this does happen sometimes for unknown reasons - these bunnies are called ~faders~). Deposits are non refundable unless we terminate the sale. 
Thank you for reading these sales policies and terms.  We know it is a long read but it is necessary information you need to know.  We do appreciate all who view our website and hope we can share the love and joy these furry critters bring to our lives.  Thanks Again!!!
-Karen & Kyla
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